This Resource SAVED My Nonprofit...And It Can Save Yours

August 24, 2022 Shakira Episode 50
This Resource SAVED My Nonprofit...And It Can Save Yours
Show Notes

Happy 50th Episode!!!

This episode is a continuation of the last (in regards to fund development). Fund development has everything to do with accessing your resources and establishing positive relationships, so people can engage with your mission.

This one specific resource literally SAVED my nonprofit and helped me scale services so I can make a bigger impact.

It's also time for you to "glow up" your business and take action now when it comes to shifting your mindset, building capacity and relationships, and using other people's dollars to do it.

The S.Q.U.A.D and I came together for Blank Philanthropy Month to give Black Businesses a free live workshop and actionable deliverables, so they finish strong and get the results they want!! It's time for you to reset, get into position, build those relationships, and go after the funding you WANT & NEED.

If you missed the workshop and/or are ready to have a profitable/thriving business then you need to tap in NOW!

Let us show you how we've generated millions in Black wealth through sales, grants, and rapport marketing while remaining true to our community: 

Starting your nonprofit doesn't have to be hard or scary. In fact, I created these tools and affordable resources to ensure your journey as a Founder is as simple as A, B, C.
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